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At the 50th nuke-ban turning point

Jan Oberg

October 26, 2020

On the 7th UN Day – two days ago – the 50th UN member, Honduras, ratified the Nuclear Weapon Ban Treaty – or the Treaty On the Prohibition Of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW).

It’s a milestone in the global struggle to make nuclear weapons a parenthesis in human history. We have much to thank millions of peace workers for as well as, of course, ICAN (International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons) – winner of the Nobel Peace Prize 2017.

It’s well-known to most that Iran has been harassed for years – you may say for not having nuclear weapons and for having signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and votes in favour of adopting the TPNW; Israel which is a nuclear country has not signed any relevant treaty and obstructs the ongoing work of Middle Eastern UN members to secure that the region of the Middle East will become a nuclear-free zone. Read more here.

I was, therefore, grateful for the opportunity Iran’s international news channel, PressTV, gave me to comment on this important turning in a conversation with a strangely unenthusiastic expert, Robert Kelley, who preferred to talk about everything else including bank robbers…

Click on the picture and see the conversation here:

Please help TFF to continue to argue in favour for nuclear abolition.

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