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Gordon Dumoulin

August 28, 2020 – Updated March 2023

Dutch-born Gordon Dumoulin joined us as TFF Associate in August 2020. And became a Board member in March 2023.

He says this about himself:

“The real source of satisfaction and success in today’s global dynamic jungle is not to blur your spirit and ambitions solely by traditional points of view and conservative concepts.

Instead, let your unbiased and unprejudiced observations, imagination and faith grasp the endless learning opportunities and develop your own humble presence & happiness in this new world.

Gordon broke up from a successful business career in The Netherlands and lives in Beijing where he is the founder and CEO at Dumoco Natural Ingredients.

About this, he says:

“I am passionate about trying to promote a better China understanding in the ‘outside world’. That is why 5iZ has been born – to stimulate a more complete and wider perspective on China today.

I’ve lived in China since 2009 and when people ask me how is life as an expat in China, I always emphasize that I am not an expat; I consider myself an immigrant and a grateful guest in Chinese society.”

And he is rather active and has many followers on LinkedIn. See his profile here.

And he edits and writes the newsletter with blog 5iZ about which you can read more – including the significance of “5” in Chinese thinking.

He also publishes articles about China on Medium.


WeChat ID: gordond-wechat

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