ObergComment: Pivot to peace with China. Sign!

ObergComment: Pivot to peace with China. Sign!

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July 31, 2020

With statements such as these by US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo:

“Securing our freedoms from the Chinese Communist Party is the mission of our time! and “If the free world doesn’t change Communist China, Communist China will change us,” – it’s time to see the danger that is mounting.

During the last few months, a systematic Sinophobic (anti-China) policy has been rolled out all over the world by the US and its obedient mainstream media. It is so uniform in content and style that it deserves to be categorized as a ‘campaign.’

It has nothing to do with critical media, questioning and diversity of perspectives. You are being taken for a ride!

It revolves around the following 7 themes – all negative, of course: CCP/Dictatorship, Xinjiang, Tibet, Hongkong, Taiwan, human rights, China as a threat in several ways, particularly militarily.

A new US/Western Cold War with China is the top thing neither needs and the rest of the world also does not need.

We need all intellectual, creative and economic resources now to solve humanity’s problems – those before the Corona and those that the Corona is creating, including a world economic crisis, bigger class differences and more nationalism.

For the US itself, starting such a Cold War in addition to the one already in place against Russia will be self-defeating. At this moment of global history, the US has a manifest, declining destiny and such a Cold War will only accelerate that decline and the fall of the United States and its Empire (the first will be terrible, the latter is desirable).

Cold War thinking in this situation must be countered. It puts humanity’s future, the future of all of us, at risk. No one has the right to do that for selfish purposes. No single nation should follow the US down that road.

It simply must not happen.

Therefore, Westerners and Chinese of all walks of life must now be mobilised to come together and prevent this strategy from taking hold. It’s high time to shout with the Danish philosopher, Piet Hein: It’s co-existence or no existence!

No one is threatening the US, it’s citizens or lifestyle. The Chinese do not want to develop and become masters of a new world empire. It’s simply not part of their thinking and attitude to the rest of the world. It never was. Chinese influence around the world comes neither with a Bible nor a Sword. It’s essentially defensive and non-missionary.

Sadly, the US seems, fundamentally, to be unable to live without imaginations of an enemy.

At the moment the main ones are China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, Syria – and even the allies are scolded for not doing this or that and forced to apply secondary US sanctions on Iran, Russia etc. – at tremendous costs to Iran and the allies themselves.

In addition, the US has left one international agreement and organisation after the other – grumpy, threatening, hurt, arrogant – whatever youare inclined to call it: It’s self-defeating.

The world is no longer bully-able, doesn’t obey orders, won’t be mastered or exploited any longer.

The world has changed already – by will and by necessity: Towards multipolarity and cooperation or, as the Indian slogan goes – unity in diversity. The US – and perhaps NATO and the EU – will have to adapt or they will become obsolete.

Fortunately, many Americans see the writing on the domestic as well as global walls.

I’d like you to carefully study one such brilliant and visionary initiative and support it. It’s called “Pivot to Peace”. It is, in my view, spot on.

Read its mission, its very sensible analyses and sign its Mission Statement. I have!

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One Response to "ObergComment: Pivot to peace with China. Sign!"

  1. F Jahanpour   August 2, 2020 at 1:56 pm

    The entire anti-Chinese hysteria perpetrated by the Trump administration, and it seems especially by Pompeo, is clearly based on the fear of losing US’s short-lived hyper-power status that came about after the end of the Soviet Union and the rise of the United States as a hegemon in a unipolar world.

    Unfortunately, the United States did not use that period of exceptional power wisely, as witnessed by a large number of destructive and illegal wars in the Middle East and in the rest of the world, leaving behind mass killings, destruction & mayhem, hypocritically all fought in the name of democracy & human rights.

    Pompeo’s pompous assertion, “if the free world doesn’t change Communist China, Communist China will change us”, is a clear example of his Manichaean way of thinking that he has exhibited in his approach towards many other countries, specifically towards Iran. This mindset that sees the world only in black and white is the result of his belief that the United States is an “exceptional and unique” country.

    What he does not seem to understand is that all countries and cultures are exceptional and unique in their own way, but because one is attached to one’s own culture and way of life it does not mean that one has to impose it by force on others. One can try to persuade others of the perceived superiority of our way of life, but Pompeo’s approach is based on fanaticism & ignorance.

    Nations and cultures are shaped by their special history, experiences, climate, geography, population, religion and a number of other factors. In the same way that it would be absurd to expect all Americans to live like the Chinese, the Indians or North Koreans, it is equally absurd and arrogant to expect others to live just like us. Differences should be celebrated not condemned.

    I have spent most of my adult life in the West, and I greatly admire its many positive points, including political and religious freedoms, adherence to democracy and human rights (sadly in some cases by lip service only), arts, literature and many other positive qualities, but it does not mean that either I should try to impose the Western culture on others, or automatically other cultures will be imposed on us.

    This is a naïve, simplistic and misguided way of thinking. There is nothing wrong with Pompeo saying that he is very fond of his American way of life and wishes to preserve it, but the perverse crusading attitude that he has to change China otherwise China will change us does not pass the test of reason.


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