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Gabbard, Kucinich and Kinzer – right on US foreign and security policy change

A must-see and must-followup!

February 6, 2020

Here is the knowledge, the experience, the passion and the vision that the US needs – and needs to set through before the militarists destroy America and more or less the rest of the world too.

And while Kinzer’s introduction to Iran is impressively forceful, correct and pedagogic – listen to it even twice! – this 76 minutes conversation contains so much more than what pertains to Iran which makes it even more important.

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And please take note of this: This type of – free, critical – discussion can happen in the United States but how often do you see Europeans talk about these issues in this way? I know of no Danish, Swedish or Norwegian channel, intellectuals or active politicians who would come anywhere near these three personalities and would produce a similar high-quality debate.

If you think it is important that we bring you materials like this – which you never see on mainstream media and research sites – and which offers hope…

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