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EU words, words and words on the Iran nuclear deal: What about action?

By Jan Oberg

January 13, 2020

European allies of the U-S have turned down a request by the American President to leave the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran (JCPOA).

France says it remains committed to the Iran deal, and will continue to work with other parties. Britain has pledged to remain committed too. Prime Minister Boris Johnson reaffirmed London’s support, in a phone call with Iran’s president Hassan Rouhani.

US president Donald Trump called on France, Germany, Britain and other signatories to leave the Iran deal and negotiate a new accord.

Trump withdrew the US from the agreement in May 2018 and reinstated even harder sanctions on the innocent people of Iran.

Here is my comment on Iran’s PressTV on January 10, 2020:

Editor’s note
Unfortunately, a couple of days after this video was posted and accessible, Google which owns YouTube decided to close down PressTV’s account. Today, January 21, we tried again at no avail.

It’s blatant censorship, allegedly explained by Google as a way to adhere to the US sanctions on Iran. Whatever it is, it is a sign of the increasing weakness of the US and Western world: “We can no longer let our citizens see that there are other voices, interpretations and perspectives but those of the US/NATO/EU. So, we forget about our own principles, freedom of expression and free exchange of views…” – and the like.

Someone who is strong and has confidence in him- or herself, normally has no problems with the fact that there can be other views. So, dear reader, you will be a constant victim of censorship of you adhere to mainstream media and all things Google (and Facebook).

Here is a backgrounder.

Jan Oberg

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