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The China Mirage

August 16, 2019

There is a permanent, more or less intensive, narrative that China is the Enemy # 1 of the West.

We have the permanent US/Western assertion that China is the new military super enemy. There is the argument that the world’s – if not history’s – largest co-operative project, the Chinese-initiated Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is, in reality only a new type of colonialism and exploitation – namely Chinese colonialism and/or imperialism.

There is the present US-China trade war (and negotiations), including the focus on Huawei, and we have – right now – the ongoing demonstrations – violent at that – in Hong Kong which is not without influence from the US and the UK.

What we do not have is comprehensive knowledge and balanced views.

When, for instance, did you last see something positive in the news about China’s achievements, culture or its amazing development during the last 40 years of the Opening Up policy introduced in December 1979 by Deng Xiaoping?

Perhaps it is time to discuss – at a deeper level and a in a longer time perspective – what these elements of Chinese-US relations build on. What underlying factors could be at play behind such ongoing and growing animosity towards China.

What could explain such an indeed strange – and estranged – general view of “the other” – the other which happens to be a civilization of its own and the world’s largest and fastest developing country?

James Bradley’s research which documents series of mind-boggling facts – which he tells you about in the 30 minutes video below – goes a long way in terms of providing a rather fundamental answer: The China Mirage

More about James Bradley here.

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