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Mr. Pompeo’s or civilisation’s clock?

By Jan Oberg

August 13, 2019

With due respect, Mr. Pompeo, civilisation’s clock should be ticking for what I allow myself to consider inhuman, unfair and tension-creating policies such as those you conduct.

You and your President constantly tell others not to do what the US itself does tenfold worse – because, as it seems, you believe in exceptionalism and yourselves as God’s chosen people.

I’ve always admired the American society for its innovative, creative and idealistic qualities. As much as I’ve loathed its imperialism, militarism, nuclearism and its fundamental inability to respect the world’s diversity.

Sadly and thanks to hubris and lack of humility, the good sides of your socieety are now widely overshadowed by its (self)destructive propensities.

And that’s why the West is declining and the Rest is ascending.

Do something about your own clock! Do something good for the welfare and security of your own citizens at home.

And try for once to do something for the common good of the world.

When I see the few people you follow on Twitter, I’d say: Try to follow a few who may challenge your thoughts just a little bit, instead of seeking only confirmation of your own ways of thinking. Just to avoid the – dangerous – trap of group think – a concept developed by brilliant American scholar Irving Janis – which you may learn a bit about here and here.

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