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The EU’s woeful refugee crisis – spelling the end?


Jan Oberg on PressTV

June 29, 2018

Oberg comments directly after the EU Summit on a series of issues, among them also defence and security.

Here is the document from the European Council and nobody seem to contemplate the link between EU/NATO armament (arms exports), military intervention and NATO/EU countries ravaging one country after the other and the refugee flows.

So, there is no end in sight unless the EU/NATO fundamentally changes interventionist and war policies which they are not likely to do (see the document) – and that may spell the end of the EU itself.

Like terrorism, Europe’s refugee “problem” will be a perpetuum mobile until somebody has the moral and intellectual courage to stop and think and ask: What are the basic reasons we face these problems?

That is why the discussion is now about borders, border control and reception centres far away – and not about refugees, asylum seekers (but ‘migration’ which is something completely different) and not about humanitarian attitudes, generosity, solidarity and reaching out to suffering people.

These are tragic times for the world largest economic group and for European humanism and values – whatever they might have been.



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