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A world expert explains the North Korea nuclear issue – brilliant educational resource


June 19, 2018 •

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists is the leading information sources on a series of issues related to nuclear weapons, technologies, issues and doctrines.

In conjunction with the Kim/Trump meeting in Singapore, the Bulletin produced this video conversation with Siegfried Hecker who is probably the American who knows most about North Korea’s nuclear programs and problems.

On the link you can find a lot of other background resources related to this particular issue.

One of several points Hecker makes is that the U.S. must change its approach to the whole issue and try to also work with others, such as Russia – which has a lot of knowledge and experience.



It’s about 27 minutes and, regrettably, the words of this world expert has been listened to by a few hundred (as of mid-June 2018) when thousands upon thousands ought to listen very very carefully.

This video makes an excellent series of arguments very fitting for serious studies and educational programs in political science, international relations – and more.

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