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Gareth Porter: The “Manufactured Crisis” and drive for U.S. / Israel military actions against Iran


By Gareth Porter
Published on Apr 3, 2014



National Summit to Reassess the U.S.-Israel “Special Relationship”

Presentation at the National Summit to Reassess the U.S.-Israel “Special Relationship” on March 7, 2014 at the National Press Club.

Gareth Porter is an independent investigative journalist and historian who specializes in U.S. national security policy. He writes regularly for IPS and has also published investigative articles on, the Nation, the American Prospect, Truthout and The Raw Story.

His blogs have been published on Huffington Post, Firedoglake, Counterpunch and many other websites. Porter was Saigon bureau chief of Dispatch News Service International in 1971 and later reported on trips to Southeast Asia for The Guardian, Asian Wall Street Journal and Pacific News Service.

He is the author of four books on the Vietnam War and the political system of Vietnam. His most recent book is Manufactured Crisis: The Untold Story of the Iran Nuclear Scare. The book highlights the impact that the United States’ alliance with Israel had on Washington’s turning the International Atomic Energy Agency into a tool of its anti-Iran policy.

Porter is also a TFF Associate.


Jan Oberg comments
This is one of the world’s leading experts on the Iran-nuclear weapons issue who tells you an absolutely mind-boggling story how we’ve all been taken for a ride, not the least thanks to the obsessed activities and strategies of Mr. John Bolton, in early 2018 appointed as National Security Adviser to President Donald Trump.

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