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Boycott Goggle – it violates our right to peace, freedom and privacy


By Jan Oberg

Please see the short video below. Whatever you may think of Tucker Carlson and Fox News, this is an interesting documentation of Google’s indisputable, permanent violations of our human right to privacy.

It is, of course, totally unacceptable and a war on freedoms and the right to live in peace.

Please note that this test is done without a sim card and one of the phones is in airplane mode. And it anyhow knows anyhow everything about you.

What are all these data, even the step out of car, used for? Oh, they say everywhere, to give you a better experience, to help and service you better and faster.
Sounds great, right? But when did huge corporations ever do anything for you without getting something back?

I say ‘No Thanks’ to surveillance capitalism and to human rights violating corporations.

As citizens of formal democracies we do not have even the slightest chance to follow Google and similar spy and data collection organisations – what they do or say in board rooms, who decision-makers have meetings and dinners with and what calls they make to whom about what.

But in order to “help” us and make our lives more easy, they have allowed themselves without any mutual agreement to monitor us 24/7.

If you are a “dissident” or otherwise controversial – or a multi-millionaire – who someone somewhere wants to harm, kill or blackmail and it is this easy to monitor where we are, you can be incapacitated anywhere at any moment.

And please do not say to yourself now: But all that is fine with me, I’ve nothing to hide and done nothing wrong. I feel more safe with this than without. This is not about your individual comfort, it’s about society, about what type of society we want to live in – an open, respectful democracy or a proto-fascist surveillance state in which authoritarian, unethical people in power can know everything about – and use it against you.

See a few things you can do below the video. If you can’t access the first video, click on the next:



Turn your phone’s Location Services off except when you may dearly need them. I have.

Stop using Google Search. I have.
Use the DuckDuckGo browser instead. (There are others too).

Stop using the Chrome browser which is Google’s. I have.
Use Firefox instead which does not track what you do on the Internet at all.

Reduce or drop your use of YouTube – because that is Google too. I have.
Use Vimeo or similar instead.

The main language these corporations and their executives will understand is sharp reductions in visits and use and rapidly falling income from ads.

And loss/bankruptcy instead of profits.

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