Yusra Moshtat CV

Yusra Moshtat

Born 1968 in Baghdad. She graduated from The Baghdad School of Economics and fled from Iraq after the Gulf War and is now living in Sweden. She works as an environment officer for the City of Gothenburg.

She is a member of the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, and advises on issues concerning the environment and integration.

Yusra Moshtat also lectures on nature and environment for refugees and others to promote integration into the Swedish society.

As a refugee herself and a victim of war she writes about the present situation in Iraq for major Swedish newspapers as well as works with different projects to spread knowledge about Iraqi culture among Swedes.

In spring 2007 she spends time in Amman, Jordan, interviewing Iraqi refugees.

Yusra’s leisure time passion is to weave carpets in traditional Iraqi style in which she applies colourful motives and symbols signifying her memories, experiences and emotions; often flowers that grew by the river Tigris and other images from a world which has disappeared. The strong colors she uses symbolizes her own hope that she one day might be able to return to her home country.

Yusra Moshtat became a TFF Associate in 2007

Miljöförvaltningen i Göteborg
Karl Johansgatan 23, 414 59 Göteborg
Sverige – Sweden

+46 31 61 26 34


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